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XELSIUS Functionalities


The Webinar focuses on Xelsius Accessories such as the Inert Workstation, the Dosing Station and the Pressurized Vessel. These accessories are designed to give Xelsius more flexibility and enhance your user experience, allowing you to achieve even greater results with Xelsius. Learn more about their functioning by watching our Webinar.
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XELSIUS - 10 different reaction profiles. Simultaneously


XELSIUS is a compact and fast reactor with 10 completely individually tempered and stirred reactor cells in the temperature range from -20°C to +150°C. This system is suitable for parallel synthesis, flow chemistry, reaction and process optimization as well as for performing DoE (Design of Experiment) studies. Discover the features of this revolutionary lab instrument thanks to our webinar.
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Hotplates: 3 models for 3 different types of application


LabTech Hotplates series are designed to meet laboratory daily heating requirements. Their unique features include different digital temperature controllers and anticorrosion or stainless-steel heating surface. They are excellent solutions for heating digestion, evaporation and acid distillation, and fully satisfy the requirements of different labs. Check out the webinar to learn how to properly find the suitable model for your lab needs.
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MultiVap10: Concentrating your samples has never been easier


Concentrators are a valid alternative to Rotary Evaporation solutions in case of small volumes (under 50 mL) and a large quantity of samples. LabTech MultiVap Line offers the best solutions for your concentration processes, according to your lab needs. The Webinar will show you how to properly conduct your concentrations through the MultiVap10 model.
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Solid-Phase Extraction: clean up your samples with LabTech Sepaths Up system


Solid-phase extraction, commonly referred to the acronym SPE, is an extraction technique that uses the affinity of a solid substance (solid phase), generally packed in columns or disks, with one or more substances present in a more or less complex matrix. LabTech offers in this webinar a detailed overview on the general aspects of the SPE process and important insights about the functioning of the Sepaths Up systems, both hardware and software.
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Open Digestion: prepare your samples with LabTech DigiBlocks


LabTech offers a complete range of DigiBlock digestion systems to fit any customer need. The DigiBlock heating surface is made of graphite or aluminum alloy protected by PTFE coating and can accommodate as many as 54 graduated tubes, operating from room temperature up to 450°C. Thanks to this webinar, you will get familiar with the LabTech DigiBlock features and advantages and at the same time you will see the results of the digestion process of red wine together with acids.
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The Centrifugation Process: different models for your applications


Labtech’s range satisfies the needs of any modern lab with its 16 models divided in 4 families covering low and high speed, ventilated and refrigerated, small and large capacity, bench top and floor standing models supported by an incredible array of accessories that provide flexibility and versatility. Thanks to this webinar, you will be able to understand how our centrifuges work and which model is best for you according to your needs.
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